Tegistration: Dear colleagues and friends,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to be part of BEC 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria!

The international congress is facilitated by the World Federation for Interventional Stroke Treatment (WIST), THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ENDOVASCULAR SPECIALISTS (ISEVS) and Bulgarian Society of Interventional Cardiology (Bulsic) with the aim to provide information and training guidance to interventionists from all fields specializing in acute stroke intervention.

DATE: September 30 – October 01, 2023

VENUE: Hilton Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria

Our international conference will offer a full two-day program on acute stroke interventions, carotid stenting, endovascular interventions and much more. Our e-poster sessions will also give attendees and faculty the chance to share their most interesting cases and abstracts. The meeting is designed for interventionists from all fields specializing in acute stroke intervention, vascular medicine, interventional cardiology, and stroke physicians, anesthetists and anyone involved in endovascular peripheral and stroke management, pre- and postprocedural care.

We hope to see you all in Sofia! www.becmeeting.com

Interactive case¬based discussions

Chance to discuss your abstracts

Keynote lectures from experts

Presentation of the latest clinical trials

Simulator training oportunities

MedTech and ArPharm accreditation

Live/recorded cases

Showcase of the newest guidelines


Accept our greetings and gratitude in advance!

Prof. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD Dr. Zoran Stankov
Prof. Vassil Chervenkov, MD, PhD Dr. Nadelin Nikolov
Prof. Vassil Velchev, MD, PhD Presidents
Course Directors, BEC 2022 Bulgarian Society of Endovascular Therapy